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Want to Raise Responsible and Empowered Kids? Learn the Love and Logic Technique. Caring for and raising children is possibly one of the most challenging — and potentially, most  rewarding tasks a human being can endeavor to take on. Even great parents and caregivers  can be baffled by some of the circumstances they face as they take care of their children. 

“Parenting the Love and Logic ® Way” is a Better Approach to Raising Kids.

Parenting with Love and Logic provides simple and practical techniques to help parents  experience less stress and have more fun, while raising more responsible, empowered kids.  This parenting approach offers many useful techniques that can be applied immediately.  Examples of these techniques are listed, to the right.

Techniques taught to parents

  • Setting limits using “enforceable statements”
  • Sharing control through offering child lots of small choices
  • Building relationships with the “one sentence intervention”
  • Neutralizing arguing with the “brain dead technique”
  • Delivering natural, “real-world” consequences with empathy instead of anger — this  encourages kids to be accountable for their behavior and learn from their mistakes

Play Therapy

Play is the language of children and how they communicate their thoughts and feelings. Child  centered play therapy allows a child to explore what’s going on in their lives in a safe  environment while using play in therapy helps with development of coping skills to manage  emotional disregulation, behavioral challenges, and social situations. 

Children do not have the insight or vocabulary to verbalize their feelings or experiences, so it is  naturally difficult for them to talk about things that worry or upset them. Playing is an essential  part of children’s expression, cognitive development and emotional well-being. Therefore,  therapy for young children is held in a therapeutic play room where they can demonstrate their  problems to the therapist through their play activity. Generally speaking, play therapy can be a  useful therapeutic tool with children ages 3 to 12, although older or younger children may  benefit.  

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