Couples and Marriage

Help for Any Relationship

Couples counseling may sound like something we would only be interested in if a relationship  were failing; in fact, it is the single greatest tool that can prevent it from doing so, whether you  are engaged, newly married, or have been married for years. 

EFT Therapy

In couple’s therapy, the use of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Prepare/Enrich we  approach couples counseling through an attachment lens, skillfully master communication,  conflict resolution, and enhance emotional connection. We believe that when couples fall in  love they become securely emotionally attached. And that’s a good thing. Attachment helps us  feel we are known, heard, understood. We feel emotionally safe. When this attachment is  threatened through relationship strife of any kind, the fear of losing this safe feeling can  become overwhelming. When we are overwhelmed, we reach for certain coping patterns we  have known all our lives (we shut down and get quiet or we lean in and fight). These coping  styles can wind up pushing us farther apart and a painful cycle ensues. 

The Role of the Therapist

The couple therapist becomes the wise observer and broker, allowing each person to express  feelings in an organized fashion. They can see things through the eyes of both parties but  never take either of their sides. 

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